Montag, 7. Juli 2014

sick of it all - scratch the surface

i've waited a long time for this record. of course i wanted a coloured version, but original colour vinyl is hard to come by. ebay germany didn't come up with an option. shitloads of the east-west records germany lp that came only on black, but none of the american equal vision colour discs. discogs had a clear one for a not too unreasonable price, nevertheless it was still pricey. so twenty years after its initial release and round about sixteen years after i heard it for the first time, music on vinyl did me the favour to repress 'scratch the surface'.
and boy they did a beautiful job with it. mov produced a lovely house for the record in the form of a glossy and thick cardboard sleeve, added a nice poly-lined black dust sleeve and rounded it all out with amazing marbled orange 180gr vinyl. a worthy presentation for one of my favourite albums ever and an auditive pleasure to listen to it on vinyl, finally.
to me, some of the very best sick of it all songs found their place on this album. the driving 'consume', the uniting 'step down' (best video clip there is), the relentless 'maladjusted' (those hypnotising guitar feedbacks at the end) or the almost cathartic 'return to reality' making this album an evergreen. i think it will never bore me. to put it into a nutshell: 'scratch the surface' is my favourite nyhc record. period.
mov limited this release to 1500 numbered lp's, so not really limited at all. but do i look like i care? no way, it's about the music and not limitations. ok, that's a lie, it's not always about limitations. my english mate jake already posted about his copy. read about it here. the records are numbered in the bottom left corner of the back of the cover. mine is #1121. comes with the hidden track 'straight ahead', which was new to me. short slab of classic soia stuff. nice addition! music on vinyl. 2014.

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