Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

one day in hamburg: system of a down, aerosmith, police, death before dishonor, xresistx, sepultura

i started my record store trip at slam record store, where i picked up these, for me, unusual records.

aerosmith - permanent vacation
in my childhood my best friend and me used to listen to a lot of aerosmith stuff, because his father was a fan of them and had some cd's. i'm not very familiar with their discography, i just know the obvious songs like "livin' on the edge", "crazy" or "janie's got a gun". so, as i held the record in my hands i checked the track list and spotted "dude looks like a lady". Because of that song plus a very good shape of the record itself and a good price, i decided to get it. i don't know if this is the first press or so, but i don't care anyway.
black vinyl + printed dust sleeve. geffen records

the police - reggatta de blanc
my girlfriend already had a copy of this record and i always liked it. one day as i felt like hearing it, i couldn't find it. asking her, she told me she gave it to a friend. i was a bit disappointed about it and said to myself to get another copy if given the chance to. looking in other stores previously i found a lot of copies but all of them in a real bad shape. this one here is ok. a loved one, you can tell but it works. it's a german re-press on black vinyl and printed dust sleeve. a&m records

system of a down - toxicity
after my uncle introduced to heavy music with bands like biohazard, sick of it all, madball and life of agony i started my own explorations at the most obvious sources for a teenager in germany: music tv-channels like mtv and viva2. i started out with bands like korn, limp bizkit, rammstein and, of course system of a down. i really loved this album and listened to it that often, i still can sing along to every song :) i saw this one and other coloured vinyl versions going out on ebay for 40€ and more. i can say, i got it for a real good price ;)
marbled solid yellow vinyl but no insert with lyrics (i didn't find information if this is the way it's meant to be, or if the pre-owner just lost it). american records.

next stop was, again, burnout record store...

death before dishonor - better ways to die
pretty good old school hardcore with some real fresh influences. reminds me a little bit of new terror stuff. if the record was ending as good as it starts (the last songs are still good though), they would have put out a real killer. looking forward to hear new stuff!
gatefold sleeve + clear red vinyl + download card. bridge9 records.

xresistx - we want our world back
catchy sxe hardcore. i don't know if they are still out there, but if so i hope they visit germany shortly.
loveley clear blue splatter vinyl (719 made). indecision records.

last stop was saturn hamburg:

sepultura - chaos a.d.
a classic but still loses nothing of it's power today. best sepul record to me. re-issue on heavy black vinyl + printed dust sleeve. roadrunner records.

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  1. I could do with picking up a copy of Chaos AD on vinyl myself, such a great album.