Sonntag, 15. April 2012

ds store: cataract, merauder, additional time

cataract - with thriumph comes loss
one of my absolute favourite records! next to heaven shall burn's antigone, xmaroonx's endorsed by hate, destiny's the tracy chapter and scars of tomorrow's rope tied to the trigger, it's one of those records that really got me into hardcore in the first place. this swiss outfit plays a metal/hardcore mix between heavy hatebreed-stuff and fast thrash parts. it was recorded at the infamous antfarm studios, denmark. tue madsen created his best sound ever on this one!
very nice vinyl edition! opaque maroon with black splatter vinyl (which was a welcome surprise, because the description at the shop said "clear" vinyl) + a lovely big fold out poster with all lyrics. dead serious recordings

merauder - master killer
great nyhc! descriptions of new band's records always refer to that album but i have to admit that i never listened to it. as i spotted the ds vinyl version at the shop i listened to a couple of songs on the internet. listening to them i wondered why i didn't do it long time before. but it's like this german saying: better late than never!
the whole presentation like of one piece! clear red vinyl. dead serious recordings

additional time - s/t 7"
it's the band of the guy who runs dead serious. they play heavy tough guy hardcore. they are not very rich in variety but i think it's a good start. i'm looking forward for further releases.
clear blue vinyl + download coupon. dead serious recordings.

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