Dienstag, 29. August 2017

amon amarth - with oden on our side

back from the dead. i wasn't too dead actually because i attended the reload festival in sulingen, germany. two good friends and me were at the festival last year as well (i wrote about my festival pick up here) and we wanted to kind of establish a custom. this year's fest saw great shows of terror, august burns red, whitechapel, life of agony and amon amarth. yepp, amon amarth again. i saw them a few weeks ago at wacken festival and at reload they were the saturday headliner.
the guys played pretty much the same show but this time i had a better view at the stage because there were not as many crowdsurfers as at wacken and so i didn't have to turn around every two minutes to pass another body to the front of the stage. of course, the stage show was a bit cheesy with the viking duel, a guy costumed as loki and the huge midgard snake and johan hegg fighting it with a plastic thor's hammer, but at the same time it was pure entertainment. i really liked it and am now on a little amon amarth kick.
the second record i ordered along with the "fate of norns" record was the band's sixth full length, called "with oden on our side". it was released in 2006 and marked the first recording for the band as a full time job. they recorded the album with all members being present at fascination street studios in örebro, sweden and the outcome was one of the strongest amon records in their history. check out the whole album here.
this new pressing consists of a slip sleeve, which differs from the original and back on black pressings as they have a gatefold sleeve, a double sided insert, a poster and the record on lovely yellow marbled vinyl. i opted for the less limited version out of 500 copies because the most limited comes on clear gold with black marble and tends to look a bit dark. the opaque colour is super bright. nice! i am out for more amon amarth vinyl. metal blade records. 2006/2017.

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