Freitag, 30. Dezember 2016

incendiary - crusade

i was wondering if incendiary got some fresh tunes in the works, otherwise it seems odd that closed casket activities was re-issuing both of their albums successively in such short time. maybe i am just underestimating the demand of incendiary material. whatever the reasons may have been, i was happy to open my wallet and add the band's debut to my collection.
taking "the cost of living" into consideration, "the crusade" is no surprise to the listener. the band plays their straight forward, metallic hardcore with no frills. they create a dark and aggressive atmosphere that reminds me quite often of nineties hardcore á la earth crisis or morning again, only the energy level feels higher. check out the whole almost twenty five minutes of relentless long island hardcore for yourself.
"crusade" was originally released in 2009 by a label called eternal hope records. said label released a vinyl edition of 500 copies total. out of these 500 came 250 copies on black vinyl, 150 copies on white vinyl and 100 copies on some white/black mix vinyl with fifty as record release version. closed casket activities decided to re-press even a thousand copies and to alter the artwork a bit. in my humble opinion i think the eternal hope version looks a bit nicer.
check out the original here. i think it had more depth to it. a pretty cool alteration though is the change from slip sleeve to gatefold sleeve. the inner gatefold shows a collage of old band pictures and flyers from back in the day. the break down is as follows: silver and clear split out of 200 copies, silver with oxblood splatter out of 300 copies and my silver out of 500 copies. closed casket activities. 2016.

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