Freitag, 21. Oktober 2016

animals as leaders - weightless

i am pretty fascinated by this band called animals as leaders at the moment. an instrumental mathcore or djent or whatever band is new to my collection. listening to it right now, i cannot understand how i got along before without them. crazy drumming and even crazier guitar work that rushes through your auditory canals like a whirlwind. but from the beginning, i already told you about the self-titled first animals as leaders record, which i bid on but went for more than i was willed to pay, in the last post.
at the same time a different seller offered animals as leaders' second album "weightless" for a buy-it-now price including an make-an-offer option. i was thinking if i should go for this copy because i was about to put serious money towards the self-titled one. but when i saw this copy going way out of my price range, the path was cleared. the buy-it-now price wasn't even unreasonable but i was able to lower it a bit and was from there on the proud owner of a white vinyl "weightless" copy.
this album is so deliciously sophisticated, a pleasure from the beginning right down to the end. just sit back, close your eyes and bear witness onto musical masterpieces such as "somnarium", "to lead you to an overwhelming question" or the title song. the presentation by prosthetic records is just as good. a thick die-cut slip sleeve with a lovey printed dust sleeve to show through. the nice white vinyl (here on an additional black dust sleeve for picture purpose) rounds out the package. need more stuff of that band! 328 copies pressed. prosthetic records. 2011.

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