Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

conan vs. slomatics - split

in the course of the last half a year conan vinyl became part of the highly frequented records of mine. their style of doom is most hypnotising and damn heavy. after i called the two full length's and the first e.p. my own, i was on the hunt for the last remaining stuff to get. the split with slomatics. i don't count the live recording and we'll see if i get the split with bongripper.
this baby was actually released on vinyl by head of crom records and the cd version by burning world records in 2011. as conan releases sell quite unproblematically these days, burning world decided to re-press this split on two more colours. musically the conan part is again absolutely convincing. two lovely pieces of crunching uk-doom. check 'retaliator' and 'older than earth' for yourself.
the slomatics side however can't come close to conan's contribution. i mean, this is not bad. but not really good either. nevertheless i can see why those two bands team up. they play similar styles. i like that. don't think it makes much sense to bring two bands on a split when the sound differs too much. the cover art proves taste. slow music for slow animals. made me chuckle. burning world pressed 500 copies altogether. some on red and some on blue. 2014.

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