Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

unveil - hypnopaedia 7"

start a fire records is a small d.i.y. label with a small string of releases yet. in the past i wanted to buy a bunch of them over at disamare distro (when i bought the two wolfxdown 7"es) but they were already gone. luckily the second unveil 7" was co-released by start a fire and take it back records. and take it back had some in store left. even the coloured version.
unveil was a band from switzerland. they called it a day in early 2013. they played some great mid-nineties hardcore with a metallic edge. not only because they were a vegan straight edge band, they remind me alot of earth crisis. they released a 7" before 'hypnopaedia' and a full length afterwards. i have both of them by now so expect more unveiling in the future (word play!).
the whole 7" and the predecessor are for free download over at the start a fire website. this lovely coloured version comes on a nice clear green w/ black smoke vinyl. looks real good. additionally there is an insert and a download code, which you don't need indeed... you know, because of the free download. 152 made on green (as pre-order and record release version) and 367 on black vinyl plus 22 test pressings. 2010.

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