Freitag, 15. November 2013

ebay: madball - rebellion e.p.

madball - rebellion 7"
i really like madball. straight forward hardcore plus i've had always a good time seeing them playing live. with that said, my madball vinyl collection borders on embarrassment. two records i call my own, 'legacy' and 'empire'. recentish releases. non of the classics, like 'set it off' or 'demonstrating my style'. i struggle a bit with getting them because they catch quite a penny nowadays. i just hope that they get repressed like so many other things these days.
but now onto this latest release of them. it goes by the name of 'rebellion' and was originally released as a digital download. i remember reading about it at, a german internet fanzine, and was hoping for it being pressed to vinyl. news said that this would happen later on the year. as i avoid facebook and other social networks like the plague, i must have missed the announcement. anyway, i kind of forgot about it.
then on one of my ritual ebay searches for new stuff i came across a shining copy of 'rebellion' on clear blue vinyl. so, when was it actually released? has anyone of the blogger crew a copy? strange that a new release by such a band like madball passed me by... anyway, i won the auction for a good price, i think, and was happy to put my first madball 7" into my m-section. by the way, the new songs are awesome! 500 made. released on freddy's own label, b'n'b records. 2012.

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