Samstag, 26. Oktober 2013

dead format: the acacia strain - continent

the acacia strain - continent
and another major want off of my list. man, the acacia strain's sophomore release 'continent' seems to be a really tricky one to come by. it is one of those albums i had on cd as long as it has been vomited forth onto the world. and boy, i really love this album. it's full of dark and claustrophobic melodies, mammoth breakdowns, crushing uptempo parts and hatred for mankind. you just don't want the sun to ever shine on the earth again, listening to 'continent'.
as i said before, this bastard is elusive. at least the coloured versions. green and red vinyl, if my information is correct, with red being the more limited. no discogs, no ebay (not one single copy in two years) and no other possible source. so i thought i just had to take events into my own hands. i made an dead format account many moons ago. i can't really recall why because i never wanted to up something like a trade list. generally i don't do trades because i want to keep the stuff that i have. and trading one record i want but already have in my collection for another record i want seems pointless. it still leaves me with a record i want, or better, want back.
but in this situation i thought i just search for people on dead format having 'continent' in their trade lists and just ask them, if they also sell their copy. i wrote e-mails to probably five dudes and waited for an answer. the first dude replying was defanatic1758 from the u.s. we arranged a price which, i think, was decent enough and two weeks later this nice shining copy of the acacia strain's 'continent' was mine. again this is a good example for the integrity of the hardcore scene around the world. i mean, i sent the money without any guarantee that this would work out, and still, it worked. thumbs up! 100 made. prosthetic records. 2008.

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