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take it back rec: kids insane, state of mind, el camino car crash

kids insane - all over
yet another find that is linked to this great fanzine i began to love lately. project print already introduced me to some other really cool hardcore bands such as wolfxdown or xeisbergx (of which i will post in near future). so i read a commercial panel of take it back records. a small d.i.y. label from germany - seems that there are tons of them out there, if they put all out stuff like this, let them come! at their big cartel shop i searched through the vinyl section. kids insane was on top. mmhhh, never heard of them. i listened to a song on bandcamp and was sold! crisp and catchy hardcore from tel aviv, israel.
the fact that they are from israel makes me like them even more. love that international hardcore feel :) so everybody who can enjoy stuff like verse, champion or refused should check them out. they're worth it. hope i can catch them some time in germany. the record however is just lovely. nice solid cardboard sleeve with a pretty cool cover, lyric sheet, download card and sweet beige splatter vinyl. looks awesome.
'all over' is a co-release of take it back rec, crapoulet rec from france, derrick hunter rec (couldn't find any info on them) and you're next rec from israel. there is a pre-order version on black vinyl of 100 copies and my coloured version of 400 copies. both were available but as i prefer coloured vinyl over black i took the less limited. 2013.

state of mind - knowledge of self
this record was on clearance, it was coloured, the cover looked kind of cool and i only listened with half an ear to the song on bandcamp. that were the main reasons i bought it. i was a bit overly excited with state of mind from the netherlands.
to be perfectly honest i don't know what to think about it. they were compared to helmet, maybe that's true. don't know much about helmet and i won't give 'knowledge of self' much spins either. just not my thing. so i'm the wrong person to judge it. maybe it's great stuff but as said before not my cup of tea.
nevertheless the presentation is very good. same sort of solid cardboard sleeve as 'kids insane' and thick, semi-translucent red vinyl. comes with a download card, too. 100 of it pressed.
take it back records. 2011.

el camino car crash - demo
last and most unusual of this order is the el camino car crash tape of their demo '12. i don't buy tapes. don't know much what to do with these. i love the asthetics of a 12" release for the lovely size of the cover and nice vinyl colourings. everything a tape is not. but in this case i was curious.
take it back had some other tapes to offer but checking the music i wasn't really convinced to buy my first tape. things changed with the song 'typography's dead'. really good nineties hardcore. think of morning again, unbroken, early cataract. mix in some modern elements and here you have a great demo release.
the tape comes with a download card and looks nice in red. i can't play cassettes at home but i can hear it in my car as it still has a cassette deck. 100 made. take it back rec. 2012.

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