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ebay: molotov solution-wfahm, black friday '29-death before dishonor

molotov solution - war from a harlots mouth split 10"
another big want off of my list. i can't really tell you anymore how i came across this release in the first place. i think it was played by a friend of mine in the youth club i was hanging around at the time. he used to love every kind of music which was complex and hard to get into - 'frickel' core we called it, which i would, referring to the dictionary, translate as tinker core. so when he was playing some new cd he was excited about he always wanted everybody else in the room to pay full attention to the music. and when a part would come he thought was cool he said 'listen to that, listen to that!' and was imitating the guitar or drum play of that part. most of the time nobody really got what he was talking about :-) what a guy... wonder what he is doing now...
if memory serves one cd he came up with was this split of molotov solution from the u.s. and germany's war from a harlots mouth. unlike the majority of the stuff he usually put on i instantly liked this because of the odd jazz parts both bands included in their sound. inspired by this listen i bought the cd, this time i really can't remember where from. i think this was one of the very first deathcore stuff around. a style that was fresh and new at the time and both bands have outgrown by now. molotov solution because they disbanded and war from a harlots mouth because they play their own kind of music now - like meshuggah maybe.
i myself don't care about this breakdown-death metal-pig squeals music of today either so this is more like a relict. but one i definitely enjoy. still sounds great! i won this on ebay and since i'm into vinyl it was the first time it was up. so i was bound and determined and got it for a good price, i think.
the cd-version appeared in 2006 on twelve gauge records and shark men records, which is a small independent label from my former home town leipzig, did the vinyl pressing for this release. it was pressed on 10" format and 528 copies in total. 418 on black and only 110 on coloured vinyl. pink. it comes with a nice gatefold sleeve which is hand numbered. my number is pretty low - #3.
shark men records. 2007.

death before dishonor - black friday '29 split 7"
along the molotov solution-wfahm split i scored a copy of this 7" from the same seller for combined shipping. this was one of the records that i would take for the right price only. i got outbid on two other occasions and i wouldn't have been too sorry if it didn't work out this time as well. 
but as luck would have it i got it for lousy 4€. a nice addition. as i gave it a spin i realised that all the songs on this split were in my collection already. the death before honor part is taken from 'count me in' and the bf '29 part is taken from 'the escape'. released as a teaser for their full length releases that i already have, made this a little bit of a let down. this will be filed away with the satisfying knowledge of possession.
1500 copies of this split were pressed in total. 1000 of it on opaque yellow with black splatter and 500 on clear with black splatter vinyl. i have one of the last mentioned as you can see.
bridge9 records. 2006.

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