Sonntag, 4. November 2012

discogs: down to nothing

down to nothing - the most
i have to admit it took me some time to warm up with down to nothing. i remember this record being hyped pretty much here in germany when it came out. i think i listened to one or two of songs at the time but it didn't really grab me. i saw them playing live in leipzig with some other bands (terror, the ghost inside i believe). their show was pretty intense. lot of action in the crowd, sing-a-longs, stage dives - the whole thing. i enjoyed it but i tend to like every hardcore band live when they play their stuff with energy and are able to set the crowd into movement. so with the songs in mind that didn't grab me i didn't put any effort into getting to know this band better. five years later i'm checking out alot of different vinyl blogs around the net and what do you think which record strikes my eye with persistence?! time to think over my previous opinion.
pretty good stuff! songs like 'conquer the world', 'serve and neglect' or 'higher learning' don't get out of my head. a short, crisply record that has everything a good hardcore album needs. i recently read that they were writing new stuff - good news. before that i need to check the rest of their releases. 
i bought this record off a guy from france at discogs. it's of the second pressing and as i'm a big fan of split colouring i'm very pleased with it. great combination. 
clear purple / opaque orange split vinyl. 525 made. revelation records. 2007.

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