Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

ebay usa: nile

nile - annihilation of the wicked
after i picked up 'those whom the gods detest' i really wanted to score this one, my favourite nile record, desperately. just like with 'those whom the gods detest' i waited pretty long on a discogs option, this time with the end result that it was gone before i decided to get it. arrgghh... he that will not hear must feel... 
so i extended my range of purchase options onto ebay worldwide as i was able to track down various stuff from e.g. ebay france or ebay usa in the past (not only records). the problem was to find a seller who would offer a coloured version plus for an, in my eyes, adequate price. thank god for the official exchange rate of the euro at the moment. i came upon a buy it now offering of $44,99 for the grey marbled version which is round about €35. i thought that'd be adequate and i pushed the button.
all in all with shipping it cost me around €50 which is quite a lot money for a record for me but it seems that it won't show up for less referring to so i'm ok with it. the record itself comes as a double vinyl version on a marbled opaque grey colour. record two is way more marbled then #1. 
printed dust sleeves and a gatefold cover indeed. the liner notes and the lyrics are put down on the inner gatefold all together which is a better solution compared to 'those whom the gods detest', where the lyrics and the liner notes are printed seperately on inner gatefold and dust sleeves.
i love the black and red colour scheme on this. looks real apocalyptic. the god sebek on the back.
side d contains an etching. as i pulled out my digi-pak version of the cd i realised that the cd label and the etching are one and the same picture, only i don't know what it shows :-) looks lovely put against the light correctly. the picture really doesn't do the actual effect justice but it was hard to capture with my shitty digi-cam.
900 made. relapse records. 2005.

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